Maximum success for the 2018 covering season at the stud

It’s time to take stock at the Haras de Gouffern where the last mares that were covered have passed the crucial 60 day gestation period.

The Haras de Gouffern is home to Thoroughbred and Purebred Arabian mares and during the covering season it opens its doors to a few Thoroughbred mares coming from England, Ireland, Germany and Spain.

Covering methods vary from breed to breed and require diversified skills and genuine expertise. The Méheudin clinic works closely with our team throughout the year and is particularly on hand and helpful during the covering season, ensuring that each of our mares is well looked after.

For Purebred Arabian mares, Philippe de Gasté himself inseminates them with fresh semen while the Haras des M looks after the artificial and frozen insemination as well as the embryo transfer, a common practice in the world of the Purebred Arabian Racehorse, as it allows great mares to continue their career.

Each year, the Haras de Gouffern reports excellent results during the covering season. The year 2018 is no exception thanks to the joint efforts of the team at the stud and its partners.

Maiden mares enjoying grass

A foal and his dam in the paddocks at Gouffern