Enthusiastic visitors enjoyed a festive welcome at Haras de Gouffern

On Saturday 25 August, the Gouffern Horseman Club had organised a cocktail reception and a visit of the Haras de Gouffern between 4.30 pm and 9.00 pm. Fifty guests enjoyed the opportunity to eat at the Chateau and to get a tour of the stud.

Following a presentation by Jean Pierre and Philippe de Gasté, guests were shown the most important horses at the stud, giving them a real insight into the world of breeding. They experienced life as a breeder by studying the horses’ conformation and fluid movement as they paraded in the yard.

Jean Pierre and Philippe de Gasté shared their knowledge with the guests who might discover their true calling as a breeder. Thanks to the Gouffern Horseman Club, which brings the exclusive club of thoroughbred owners and breeders closer together, this new passion has become much more accessible.

Some guests wanted to continue this adventure the next day at the races, where the Group 2 Grand Prix de Deauville was the highlight of the card. The day started with a lunch at the “La Toque” restaurant, which offers panoramic views of the track. Following the lunch break, our guests enjoyed privileged access to the stables so that they could discover in detail how the horses are prepared for a race and also how they are cared for when they return from the track. They also came into the parade ring where they could form their own opinion of each horse in the race. As the horses left the parade ring, guests went to join their reserved seats in the owner’s stand, so that they could watch the race unfold in front of them.

Over the weekend, guests of the Gouffern Horseman Club were able to enjoy all the different, wondrous and fulfilling emotions of the world of horse racing and breeding.

The Gouffern Horseman Club is all about discovering a new passion, joining the exclusive circle of Thoroughbred owners and breeders and enjoying unique events, not just as spectator but as player.

Broodmare with foal at foot

Reception at the Château

Visit of the stud